Friday, July 07, 2006

Last Man Standing

Poetry, if you don't already enjoy reading it, is the pathway to a soul's innermost feelings.

I thought I would share with you a poem I wrote during the time certain professional athletes were highly scrutinized and in the news for making incredulous and compromising decisions, which very well could have ended their illustrious careers. It pained me enough to pen a prayerful-plea-of-a- poem to my son, Christopher, in hopes that the sterness of his father's firm discipline, the discernment I try to instill in him, and the loyalty he has to his family would separate him from the crowd and enable him to make the right choices (we hope - all of the time) most of the time.

The Last Man Standing - (May 2004)

One by one they fall

Where strength was once their pride

Their guard let down - reveals all.

What brought them to their demise?

What caused them to gradually fail?

They heed not the words from the wise.

Did we not teach them while they were young?

Did we not warn them of the signs?

Who now is left among?

These men who once were told

To keep watch of what will become

Be strong, be true, be bold.

The sadness we must endure

When you choose wrong over right

So quickly you want to mature.

Because we love you we must set free

Your spirit to grow and live

A child, through whose eyes I see;

Your heart has not yet learned

What life is all about

Your rewards you alone have earned;

Through blood, sweat and tears

Through struggles and tribulations

These are the things I fear.

To throw it all away

For meaningless encounters,

Please hear what I must say.

Shield with the heaviest of armor

Your soul from life's deceits

Protect from glitz and glamour.

Hide your values within

Carry them close to your heart

Finish the race to win.

Although many are sure to fail

Be one with courage demanding

All others fall short of the prize

You'll be the last man standing.


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