Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Semester's (almost) Over

Wow...I'm having withdrawals. I feel as though I should be doing something like going to class (it's only 9:29 a.m.?), working on a paper or an article, shoot sports photos (oh, that's Friday, whew!), or studying. I've had the busiest semester ever in my career as a student. But it's also been the BEST semester ever. Looking back, I really can't tell you how I juggled everything. It's really been stressful but rewarding as well. Assessment: Journalism 101 - Reporting and Writing: A/A- Journalism 110 - Mass Media Survery: A/A- Visual Journalism 228 - Online Broadcasting/Newspaper Production: A/A- Photography 101 - A/A- Geology 100 - A/A- Algebra Review (credit/no-credit only): CREDIT Sports Photographer, internship: Completed Other: Reporter/Photographer - Event News (city of Cypress newspaper publication): Completed I'm so happy and so proud of myself...what an accomplishment, don't you think? Oh, and the best part? I start a new job on Monday at Yamaha Music in the Music Marketing Group, working in multimedia, PR, web research and web content, etc. I'm thrilled about that! Some things to look forward to next semester(s): Algebra and Statistics ACG 135 - Digital Imaging Journalism 226 - Online production PE 250 Sports and the U.S. Society - Cultural Pluralism (required for my AA) CRTV 145 - Radio/TV Sports Broadcasting If all goes well, I'll be transfering in the Fall 2007, which is less than 1 year from now. Spring and Summer semester here I come! I'm really looking forward to another jam-packed semester. I thrive on busy-ness!


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