Monday, July 09, 2007

BPALL Major All-Stars Game 4 Results

Strong Pitching Boosted Buena Park American Little League Major All-Stars to Championship Game After playing back-to-back games this weekend BPALL's win against LaPalma/Continental hurled them into the winner's bracket which earned them a trip to the Championship.

It was like a deja vu as Rivera in the first inning crushed a line drive to left center for another lead-off home run setting the tone for the rest of the game.

BPALL played small ball on bunts from Clayton Vison and Ryan Morgan. Vison scored while Morgan was tagged out at second on a steal-attempt. Kyle Schultz singled but later scored on an RBI-triple by Cole Timm. Justin Ray bunted but LaPalma/Continental got the lead-runner Timm out at third. Isaiah Terrazas worked the count for a walk. Buena Park led 3-0 at the end of the first inning.

Starting pitcher Rivera was all business on the mound ending the game with 14 strike outs and only 1 hit. He had help from his infield as Terrazas snatched a line-drive robbing LaPalma/Continental from a potential base-hit. Another spectacular play was a diving catch by hit in foul-territory by catcher Morgan.

Adding to the hit fest Sam Carralejo singled. Schultz hit an RBI-single and scored Carralejo. Ricky Marquez, who after striking out during his first at-bat, battled and hit a 2-RBI homerun. After a single by Carralejo, Rivera found himself in a run-down but outsmarted LaPalma/Continental and scored. Terrazas hit an RBI-single and scored Ray.

LaPalma/Continental intentionally walked Rivera twice and Schultz once.

Today's win was the third-straight shut out for BPALL during this All-Star run. Next game: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 vs. TBD at 5 p.m. @ Norwalk Little League, Norwalk, CA

Rivera connects for a solo homerun in the 1st inning

Rivera controls the tempo on the mound

Devyn Smith sprints to 1st base on a bunt-attempt

Awat swings on a pitch in Game 4.

Sam Carralejo singled to and moved Rivera to third.

Clayton Vison laid down a successful bunt and was safe at first.

Cole Timm hit an RBI triple in the first inning scoring Kyle Schultz.

Isaiah Terrazas snatched a would-be base hit on a line-drive in the first inning.

Kyle Schultz singled in the first.

Romano checks his swing in Game 4.

Justin Ray fouled off a pitch in Game 4.

Ryan "RyMo" Morgan foul-tipped a pitch in Game 4.

Ricky Marquez touches 'em all after his 2-RBI homer in Game 4.

Luke Schultz playing on an injury tracked the ball during his at-bat in Game 4.

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