Saturday, December 29, 2007

End of the Year Jeers and Cheers

Time flies, doesn't it, whether you're having fun or not. So I've decided to compare and contrast the year as a whole in this segment called "Jeers and Cheers."


Jeers: I celebrated New Year exactly one year ago watching a movie and completely missed the countdown, plus my kids all fell asleep. I had to kiss them all individually and utter "Happy New Year" quietly.

Cheers: I started working at Yamaha where I helped with the 2007 NAMM Dealer Concert. Earth, Wind & Fire headlined the concert while Wayne Brady hosted.


Jeers: As always and for almost the 10th year in a row, I didn't get a Valentine's Day gift.

Cheers: Financial Aid was very very good to me!


Jeers: I didn't have the funds to throw my kids birthday parties.

Cheers: Happy Birthday Christopher, Aaron and Ariana. Happy Mom!


Jeers: Taxes were due!

Cheers: Spring semester more than half-way done!


Jeers: Finals! Eeek!

Cheers: Happy Birthday Dad, Elysse and Ronnie! Graduation Day - May 24th!


Jeers: Not one stinking present.

Cheers: Happy Birthday Kathy and to me too. Happy 6th Grade Graduation Christopher.


Jeers: UGH! Summer school sucked.

Cheers: Happy 4th of July. Congratulations Christopher and the Buena Park American Little League for 2nd Place in Sectionals, the furthest any BPALL team has ever gone; and for 1st place - Champions District 29.


Jeers: Christopher went on a two week vacation in NY.

Cheers: School started for me! Happy 2nd Birthday Kalissa.


Jeers: Summer's over.

Cheers: Christopher returned from NY! School started for the kids!!! Bought a new truck/SUV.


Jeers: I had class during Halloween.

Cheers: I had class during Halloween!!!


Jeers: Had to drop a few classes (thankfully both electives).

Cheers: Happy Thanksgiving! Drove to Carlsbad to my brother's house.


Jeers: Almost couldn't buy the kids' Christmas present due to lack of funds. Finals!!! Ugh!!! Driving in holiday traffic! Shopping is a bear! Drove to Carlsbad again to my brother's house for Christmas.

Cheers: Picked up several gigs for work with a new caroling company. Was able to buy Christmas presents. Had interview with Dorothy Hamill and attended her Broadway on Ice show. Attended opening party for Disney on Ice. Thank God for my family. Attended Jeff and Michele's wedding. Still without my laptop. Sigh.

Well...that just about sums it up.




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