Sunday, January 27, 2013

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam packed a full house at Angel Stadium 1/26/13

Aaron, Madi and I enjoying our night at Monster Jam.
Angel Stadium was the place to be tonight during the 2013 Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. My family and I enjoyed a night of uproarious, jaw-dropping fun!

Left and right, people poured into their seats to catch a glimpse of their favorite Monster Trucks: Captain America driven by Chad Fortune, Blue Thunder® driven by Dan Evans, Titan driven by Donald Epindendio, Monster Mutt® Dalmation driven by Taryn Laskey (who secretly happened to be my favorite -- powered by a female driver), Iron Man driven by Lee O'Donnel (who got robbed of a great Freestyle round), El Toro Loco® driven by Aaron Basl, Tropical Thunder driven by Andrew Peckham, and Grave Digger the Legend® driven by Adam Anderson, the ultimate crowd-favorite.

Titan was the clear winner of tonight's qualifying rounds advancing to the sem-finals to face off against Blue Thunder. After intermission, the stadium roared when Titan revved up for the Freestyle event and was gaining momentum before it upended and became sidelined.

A panoramic view of Angel Stadium during the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam January 26, 2013.
Iron Man, who effortlessly soared through the air delighted the audience with cheers and praise, was right on track to beating or, at the very least, tying the leader Blue Thunder, but the low-scoring round proved otherwise.

Dalmation kept up with the big boys by zipping through the obstacles and clearing many jumps, despite losing her tail during a tight-squeezed turn.

But the highlight of the evening was the beloved Grave Digger the Legend, who even after shedding its doors, sides, and everything in between, scored a whopping 31 points to be crowned the Freestyle Champion.

Missing from tonight's show was 10-time World Racing Champion, Tom Meents who drives Maximum Destruction™whom I interviewed a few weeks ago about Monster Jam returning to Anaheim. "Freestyling is my favorite part of the show because it's where I get to display two minutes of my own choreography," said Meents, "and mostly because of the fan's excitement." It's quite alright, Tom, there was plenty of excitement to go around. We'll catch you next time.

Next year should be just as exciting and more -- as new Monster Trucks will be revealed. Don't miss it.

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