Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The "Aaron" of his ways

Okay, it was bound to happen, I'm sure. But for some reason I expected it from one of the girls. Well that's not entirely true. After all, Elysse did get gum entangled in her hair despite my repeated warnings. Aaron decided to trim his hair yesterday. I blamed his homework for this! You see, he sat at the kitchen table minding his own business and working diligently on his homework. And to prove his intense focus on his work, he placed his left hand on his forehead pushing his hair backwards. I didn't see what transpired from this (but I can only imagine) because I had to leave to take Christopher to batting practice. Later when I returned home from school, Steve called Aaron and told me to look at him carefully. He smiled a sheepish smile and just as his pearly whites appeared with the slight gap between his two front teeth, his front hair line separated. His bangs (or what's left of them) were "smiling" at me with a "what-the-heck?-Talk-to-your-son-will-ya" look. What could I do but laugh. I asked him "What in the world?" He replied... "Wha? It was sticking out." Lesson learned: Hide the scissors. Either that...wear a beanie while doing homework.


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