Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Break Woes

I don't know about you but there are several things wrong with Spring Break:
  1. Unless you have umpteen sick and vacation days saved up, you can't necessarily take the week off
  2. Now you have to resort to grandmas, grandpas, friends, friends of neighbors, friends of friends of neighbors, friends of friends of friends of neighbors to watch your kids while they're on Spring Break
  3. You have to hire a teenager (scary!)
  4. You have to hire a daycare center and pay through your nose, lungs and heart in order to afford them
  5. Your usual daycare center is also closed for Spring Break
  6. You take the entire week off from college and declare NO HOMEWORK WEEK only to cram the Sunday before school resumes to complete homework you were assigned during the break
  7. Sunday Easter Service has become crowded that you have to take a number to enter the church
  8. Your "last minute" Easter shopping is halted because you've come to realize all the malls and stores are closed
  9. You decide to eat out and when you arrive at the restaurant you realize EVERYONE and their mother decided the same thing
  10. Spring Break is a tease - it's just not long enough

Man...the dread of having to return to a "normal routine". ARRRGGHHHH!!!!!


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