Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Blogger vs. My Space

Well, I might be shooting myself in the foot by this blog simply because I’m giving free advertising to my nemesis, but I thought I would weigh out the pros and cons (okay, so more pros than cons) and list the Top 10 reasons why, in my own humble opinion, having a blog on Blogger is better:
  1. I can write more intelligent articles, essays, dissertations, and speeches
  2. I’m not 16
  3. I can post much more interesting pictures and not just pictures of myself in front of the mirror taking photos from different angles with my lips puckered and eyes batted (the emphasis here is NOT: “me”, “I”, “me”, “I”, and sometimes “myself”)
  4. I’m not 16
  5. Those reading my blog are not teenagers who type using annoying alternating lowercase/uppercase letters
  6. I feature my favorite subjects: My Kids
  7. I’m not 16
  8. I can act my age on my blog
  9. I can directly link to interesting and informative web sites
  10. I’m not 16

There, that just about sums it up!


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