Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chinese Food & Karaoke

It was an interesting evening tonight. Our family gathered to surprise celebrate my aunt's 60th birthday at our recently frequented favorite Chinese food hangout. There's something to be said when a group of Filipinos invade a Chinese restaurant and claim 1/4 of the place for themselves. The mere fact that Chinese food, fun and laughs weren't enough to bring the family together, but mention Karaoke...and you get a unanimous response - "I'm there!"

When Ariana and I arrived, we had one thought on our mind - FOOD. Quite frankly, I forgot they said they were going to have the Karaoke unit there. I tried to lay low in hopes that I would soon be camouflaged with the oriental wallpapering, but black attire against gaudy bright red wall coverings was a sure giveaway. I could not remain incognito any longer.

At first I attempted to select songs that I was sure NO ONE sang earlier. That's always hard to do when you get a group of songbird Filipinos together. I was hearing song requests such as "Endless Love" or "My Way" know, those songs that only your aunts or uncles sing?

The fun really began when the last song was sung - the choice song? "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. I have never seen so many 60+ year old women get so excited over a song like that. Okay...I don't know about you, but I seriously had no idea that the words that ABBA sang were the songs displayed in the TV screen. I often wonder if the transcribers make up words they think they hear when listening to the songs. I personally felt as though I was singing lyrics to a different song that they somehow made to fit for "Dancing Queen". Either that or the words were truly the legitimate words and I never knew it. Probably the latter. aunts and my mom were dancing up a storm and that somehow inspired me. Soon I turned around and there were people peering through slits and slats in the aisleways. I suddenly felt we were the queens of our universe and there was nothing that was going to deter my female relatives from enjoying themselves. It was a beautiful sight to see.

I'm glad that I could contribute to their disco night. Too bad we couldn't stay longer. Well, no worries...they were off to Pechanga and I was off to go home. My teenaged parents were switching roles with me. They were headed for a night out on the town and I was the "old" person retreating to my humble abode.

I'm looking forward to another Karaoke night with my family. I can't wait!


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