Sunday, July 23, 2006

Holla! Day One

We anticipated their arrival all morning. It was after 1:00 PM when they finally pulled up in the school parking lot and made their way over to our front door! How nice it was to see Jennie, Tony and Joseph. After about forty-five minutes of minor chit-chat, we went swimming in the pool. The water was very refreshing after the weather peaked 100 degrees. My air conditioner was working extra hard to cool down the house and finally it was time to jump in the pool. Our neighbors, Elvira and the boys (Anthony, Austin, and Alex) along with Christopher's and Anthony's buddy, Ryan, joined us and we had great fun. The boys played "Marco Polo" and wrestled each other in a game of "Chicken". We hung out and reminisced down memory lane. The stories Jennie and Steve shared were HEE-LARRY-US!

Joseph is a cutie pie!!!! For some reason, Joseph keeps calling his Uncle Steve "Uncle Joey." He's got these sweet puppy dog eyes that make you melt. Tony and I engaged in political discussions. It's good to know we shared some of the same views!

More to come later!


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