Sunday, July 09, 2006

Meet "iPo"

It's not a typo...that's the name I gave it, "iPo" (pronounced "eye-poe"). Typical for a music fanatic and download enthusiast. iPo has come in handy in many occasions. Take for instance the noisy living room/dining room area where peace and quiet are non-existent. I simply wave to my family "goodbye" and "go under" the earbuds and drown myself in music madness. Or, at the campus library where the sound of clickety-clack can be heard from the neighboring computer newbie next to me. I have to admit, there are times where I appear to be under the spell of iPo, but in reality I only have the buds in my ears with no music to be heard. Makes for a good excuse not to respond to the hubby questions or the inquisitive children sporting bathing suites and dragging towels on their arms as if they are butlers. I simply point to my buds and say, "What?" Try it sometime. You'll want to go out tomorrow and by your substitute for serenity.


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