Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Heart Goes Out to Virginia Tech

A Moment of Silence Tonight I reflect on the images we have all seen in the past 24 hours about a senseless act which took place on a university campus thousands of miles away. While although we are not in close proximity of the location where this horrific massacre and great loss of life occured, we are in touch with those who have felt the greatest sorrows and pains; we are a in touch with the human spirit.

Our own sense of security was breached by a lone sole who regarded life so carelessly and etched April 16, 2007 in our memory forever.

Helplessly I sit and wonder what could have been; what should have been; and what might have been. Hopeful I stand and offer my prayers.

Whispering the words through the silence of the night; loudly I speak the cries of many. Guard one another from harm's way. Be watchful and mindful of your loved ones. As precious as life is, how quickly it is taken from us.


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