Monday, January 28, 2008

Camp Departure Delayed

Preparing for camp the twins anxiously gathered in the multipurpose rooms to have their temperatures taken! We crossed our fingers no one would have a fever! YES! They passed with flying colors! Whew! Relief!

But as luck would have it, the twins and their entire 6th grade class, sighed a collective sigh of discouragement when they learned their buses weren't allowed to leave the school grounds. The word was the roads leading to Angelus Oaks (around the Big Bear area) were closed indefinitely due to heavy snow storms. Snow plows can't plow until the snow dissipates.

The kids were sent to their classrooms to "wait out" the storms. The principal planned on checking in with the camp facilities and report back to the school superintendent every hour beginning at 10:30. This, after the departure was delayed from 9:00 am to 9:30 am. If by 10:30 they didn't yet get clearance, they would check one final time at 11:30 am. If they had not left departed by noon, they would have canceled departure until tomorrow. If they would not have left by noon tomorrow, the entire trip would have scratched. More finger crossing!!!

At 10:30, the doors from the principal's office flung open leading to the teacher's lounge where several PTA officers and myself, sat...waiting. "They're leaving," the principal said.

Then it was busy-work for all of us. I was assigned to buy 100 granola bars for the kids to snack on while on their bus ride. On the way to the market, I got a flat tire! Oiy!!!

The kids eagerly boarded the buses and off they were on their journey!

A public address was broadcast to all 6th parents via the auto phone service that buses had finally departed. Next anticipated update would be they arrived safely.

Don't uncross your fingers just yet!


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