Monday, January 07, 2008

Jeff and Michele's Wedding

Ariana and Christopher pose before the drive to Jeff & Michele's wedding in Riverside.

Ariana, Me & Christopher show off the threads before the wedding ceremony.

Mommy and Christopher take a minute to pose before the drive to Riverside.

A closer shot of Mommy and Christopher at home in front of the house.

Gordon and Grace in front of the chapel before the wedding ceremony in Riverside.

Christopher, Grace, Ariana, Me, Elysse and Uncle Bobby in front of the chapel before the wedding.

Joel, Auntie Linda and Christopher in front of the chapel before the wedding.

Uncle Bobby, Auntie Linda, Vicki and Grace in front of the chapel before the wedding.

Christopher (foreground), Ariana, Elysse, Uncle Ronnie (being silly) and Kalissa (in the background) prepare for the ceremony in the chapel.

Uncle Ronnie and Elysse bossom buddies pose in the chapel.

Kathy and Kalissa waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Kalissa gazes at her dad and cousin Elysse before the wedding inside the chapel.

Cousins Vicki, Gloria and Rod smile before the wedding ceremony begins.

Say "cheese!"

"Who me?"

An antiquated chandalier hangs above the chapel.

Ariana, Elysse and Cousin Cherisse await dinner to be served at the reception.

Ronnie and Christopher are chillin' just before dinner is served at the reception.

Kathy, Kalissa and Ronnie - a happy family.

Cousins Annie and Cherisse share a smile during the reception.

Christopher, Mommy and Ariana eagerly await dinner to be served at the reception.

Kathy, Kalissa, Me and Ronnie gather around Table 16 for a picture at the reception.

Dad, Me, Mom and Kathy sneak a photo op during the reception.

Dinner by candlelight.

Auntie Linda, Jr., Sylvia, Cherisse, Elysse, Ariana, Christopher, Me and Cousin Joel take an extended family photo at the reception.

Mom and the handsome groom Jeff pose during the "Money Dance" at the reception.

Brother and sister Jeff and Jaime hug during the "Money Dance" during the reception.

Grace and Jeanette take a great photo together during the reception.

Jeanette and Jeff pose during the "Money Dance" at the reception.

Auntie Linda, her grandson Ethan and Jeff during a photo op at the reception.

Jeff and Grace during the "Money Dance."

Cousins Grace and Jeff dance during the reception.

The guys - Cousins Joel and Jeff .

Christopher looks over than 12 doesn't he?

Jeff and Michele cut the wedding cake during the reception.

Jeff and Michele toast a glass of champagne during the reception.

Kalissa and her daddy look on at the festivities during the reception.

Elysse strikes a pose (and a smirk) on the dance floor at the reception.

Siblings Elysse, Christopher and Ariana take on the challenge of "line dancing" during the reception.

Elysse leads her brother Christopher and sister Ariana in line dancing during the reception.

Christopher tries to keep in step with his sisters during "line dancing" at the reception.

Elysse shows Ariana and Christopher how it's done during line dancing at the reception.

Sylvia, Jr. and Elysse take a breather during the reception.

More Aquino Family photos.

Annie takes a photo with the newlyweds Michele and Jeff.


The beautiful newly wedded couple - Jeff and Michele.

And....they lived happily ever after.
Hi Family and Friends,

This is the first chance I've had to post photos from Jeff and Michele's wedding. Enjoy!


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