Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today's Cell Phone Technology

So we get these new phones. I kid you not - it took me literally half a day to transfer phone numbers from my old phone to my new phone. Of course I could have saved myself the trouble by using their state-of-the art Bluetooth wireless technology and utilizing the infrared or optional USB cable (who knew?). But I opted for the poor man’s method and whittled away 4 hours of plugging in phone numbers. Now there’s more verbiage to be familiar with: PlayNow, VideoDJ, SmartChip (what in the world?) that now this technicologically-savvy guru (yours truly) is slowly becoming technically challenged. But I won’t let it conquer me as I am determined to know my phone like the back of my hand.

Now I have to explain it all to Steve. I tell him:

…”It slices, it dices, rings like this, rings like that, zoom in or zoom out, click up for brightness, click down for contrast, enter contacts here, change ring tones this way, program it to bring your bedroom slippers upon arrival home from work, teach it to fetch the newspaper out on the porch for your morning read, set the alarm, turn off the alarm, set it to brew coffee at 5:00 AM, etc.”…

Steve’s reply:

…”All I want to know is how to dial out and answer calls. That’s it.”…



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