Monday, May 08, 2006

Proofreading Is A Must

Not only should you proofread your work for clarity, content, and accuracy but for coherency. I find myself up late into the wee hours of the morning finishing up class assignments and homework. Math and Science work is simple enough...equations and rules to follow etc. What has become my new paranoia? Writing. Emails, essays or other creative writing projects. Why is proofreading so important you ask? To ensure you don't make a complete fool (I had a stronger word in mind but for obvious censorship reasons I opted for a much more family-oriented word) out of yourself, that's why.

Case in point. I was writing a Theater paper once and I began to critique a play I saw the night before. I realized I must have been unconscious when I wrote it as I began to proofread it the next morning. I started my sentence with:

...The play was centered around a character named Huckleberry Finn who told them...

And then I noticed it...the following excerpt:

...she looked like a monkey in that brown outfit she wore but I didn't have the heart to tell her...

I have no idea who "she" was - and more importantly - thank God I didn't submit it or email it to my professor that night. I wonder now if I was talking about my professor?

Gads! I hope I wasn't subliminally talking about one of you?!?!


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