Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Is There More To Summer Than This?

Not having an agenda or schedule in which to follow on a daily basis can be a bit hum-drum especially over the course of a long hot summer vacation. Take today for instance. The kids and I got up, had breakfast. The twins and I took a walk (rather, I walked and the twins rode their bikes) in the local neighborhood on the way to a mini-post office in the shopping center near our house. They were a little tired and sweaty from our trip and instantly, it was time to jump in the pool. So, joined by Christopher, we all hopped in, swam, played, did laps, and splashed around. Then that got a little tiresome. So we headed back into the house. I knew I had to hit the books to study for a Mid-Term tomorrow...and the kids? Well, they resorted to the good ol' stand-by: TV. And the sad part is, it's only 1:30 PM. Arrgghhh....we've got to get more active!


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