Monday, March 27, 2006

Bermuda Man

Saturday we were “People Watching” again. Often times, humor finds us as we sit minding our own. We were at Christopher’s baseball game and during a pitcher change in the middle of one of the innings, we spotted “Bermuda Man” – on the opposite field. He was decked out in (what else?) black Bermuda shorts, what appeared to be a retro vintage Member’s Only jacket, black tourist socks and black Kangaroo Shoes. A Queer Eye designer nightmare! Clearly a sign “Bermuda Man” was stuck in the eighties. As a backdrop to a sea of youth baseball players, a baseball diamond with marshmallow pillows at each corner for bases, a chocolate layered infield decorated with bystanders all around undoubtedly present to enjoy an afternoon cheering for their child and their child’s team, “Bermuda Man” stood out like a sore thumb; worst…a “tourist”. For a minute there, I forgot we were there to watch a baseball game. “Bermuda Man” monopolized a good 15 minutes of our precious time as we tried to figure out, “Whose dad is that?” Note to self: Remember to burn any retro garb in my wardrobe that resembles a badly dressed tourist.


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