Thursday, March 30, 2006

What Do They Really Think?

I found myself at a Subway restaurant tonight browsing the menu trying to decide what to get. I knew I should eat but wasn't too hungry. That's beside the point. I did what many millions of people do while ordering: I called home to see if anyone wanted anything. WRONG THING TO DO! Not only do I now have to wait while the phone is passed around at home, but now I must deal with the rolling eyes from the employees and the glaring stares from those famished customers behind me. What ever in the world did I do that for? Twenty-minutes later I storm out of there with, not one, not two, but 5 bags of sandwiches, chips (all combos, of course) and a half-dozen soft drinks. I've suddenly lost my appetite for sandwiches. Hey, there's a Del Taco across the street. Yum! A taco sounds good right about now. I wonder if anyone at home...OH GOSH! I'm a creature of habit!!!


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