Sunday, May 21, 2006

End of An Era

It's finally come to this - the end of an era. The A's era, that is. It's been a long stint, and a memorable one indeed. Could this be the first ever in Buena Park American Little League (BPALL) history? It very well could be. The #1 and #2 teams: A's and the Yankees will proudly represent BPALL in the upcoming Tournament of Champions (TOC) for the second consecutive year in a row: BACK-TO-BACK.

Sadly, the last game of the season was Christopher's "send off" game as he will not be returning to BPALL next year, but rather the plan is to have him focus solely on travel ball's Placentia Mustangs for both winter ball and spring ball. They'll be preparing for Cooperstown, NY in which they will be participating in the Summer of 2007. It is proving to be a very promising vacation for them. At the close of our game vs. the Red Sox, the team gathered in the dug out for one last "pep talk" only this time it was to motivate the team for TOC. Practices will be much more intense over the next 2 weeks I'm certain. Afterwards, it was a little fun-and-games out on the pitcher's mound as they celebrated in grand fashion with the spirits of apple cider. Made for a "sticky situation". With the season behind us and TOC ahead of us now, I can only reflect on how much Christopher has grown into the baseball player that he is. Hard work, dedication, literally (my infamous line) "blood, sweat, and tears"...has all paid off quite nicely.


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