Friday, May 19, 2006

1 Banana, 2 Banana, 3 Banana, 4...

The kids and I play this game called "BANANA" where while driving in the car (or walking down the street, etc) we see a yellow-colored vehicle, we call out "BANANA". It gets pretty competitive sometimes. Moreso where we find ourselves altering, creating and sometimes canceling-out rules to accommodate our very own needs which places ourselves in the front-running. Pretty conniving I know. Actually the by-laws are such whereby if a vehicle (constituted by a running motor) yellow in color passes by or is within eye-shot, we can call out "BANANA". When I say competitive, I mean just that. Fights and arguments have begun as a result of our over-zealousness to "win". Of course the normal course of competition occurs when the one with the most number of "BANANAS" called is the winner. The funny part is when I find myself alone in the car and I see a "BANANA" go by, I am instantly throttled into competition-mode; against myself. I call out "BANANAS" like crazy. Right. Who's going to hear me. I can't seem to shake this game no matter how hard I try. There are "BANANAS' everywhere. Watch...after reading this blog, I bet you beans you'll be playing this game silently in the car. You'll never be able to escape it. Trust me.


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