Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What's On Your Mirror?

I'm a firm believer that the item hanging from a person's rear-view mirror says alot about the individual.
  1. Take Buffy driving in her little red corvette for example; convertible top down, with fuzzy dice swaying in the wind hanging from her rear-view mirror. Says alot, huh?
  2. The new-car driver or the "I-just-spent-a-mint-washing-and-waxing-and-detailing-my-car" driver with it's variety pack of pinetree-shaped air fresheners, one for everyday of the week. Anal, I know.
  3. How about the devout religious church-goer and the infamous Rosary intertwined around the mirror. You get my drift.
  4. Or how about the Pacific Islander and their large bright floral leis or dark (or light) brown Kukui Nut (beaded) necklace? Island pride!
What do you suppose this emblem says about the driver of THIS car? (Hint hint...this is OUR mini-van).


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