Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Living down the street from an amusement park, you'd think would prove to be more, well...amusing, right? Wrong. Other than what we see on the outside, I can't imagine it's any fun in the inside - especially during these hot summer days. I can't fathom standing in long congested lines waiting for a cheap-thrill-of-a-ride that's only some 22-seconds long. Okay, so I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. And the lamer that I am, I can't go on rides that go side to side. I'm proud to announce that I can stomach the rides that go up and down (not much variety, I know!).

Who am I kidding? If you knew me, but at all, you'd know that I am a huge Disneyland fan, so I guess I'll just shut up. I just wanted to post some pictures I took of Knott's while driving by. Take a look at these monstrous rides? How do they build them so close to each other and in such little spaces? Scary.

Next, I'll try and get some good shots of "Soak City" the next time I drive by it.


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