Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mall Arcades: Are You Game?

I'm not a fan of mall arcades simply because:
  1. They usually occupy a small space
  2. They cram outdated and non-functioning games in these small spaces
  3. You spend MORE than you want to
  4. After countless attempts in winning a game versus the computer as your opponent, you win raffle tickets. Whatever happened to winning free games or extended games?
  5. In exchange for these raffle tickets you get miniscule and odd-shaped prizes they pass off as toys!
  6. After about 10 minutes and a dozen attempts at playing with your prize, it breaks
  7. They always end up in "The Abyss" I call - the floor of my car or squeezed in between the cushions
There are probably other reasons I am blatantly forgetting, but at this point - who cares, huh?


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