Friday, July 14, 2006

Mall Signage

As you probably already know, I get a kick out of SIGNS. Any sort of SIGN, especially those that are random and randomly placed. Some SIGNS show up in the strangest places. Take the mall for instance.

I found this particular SIGN pretty interesting and eye-catching. My daughter and her best friend are on this "ness" kick where they add "ness" to the end of almost every word. You'd think they created this ad themselves.

This oddly-placed SIGN was erected, of all places, right outside the food court. I guess this is what you get after eating at one of their fast food restaurants!

Strangely enough, we spotted this SIGN just before stepping onto the escalators going downward. So, the question is: NO BABIES WITH DETACHED HEADS ALLOWED or NO STROLLERS ALLOWED? Which is it?


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