Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missed & Rescheduled Mid-Term

By no fault of anyone in particular, I galloped to school, eager to take a "specially arranged" Mid-Term this morning at 9:00 AM - but never took it.

Because of Christopher's All-Star game tonight, I was able to arrange a special meeting with my professor to take the Mid-Term early. It was originally scheduled for tonight at 6:30 PM. I couldn't see myself leaving in the middle of the game to come to school and stay focused on an exam when rightfully so, my mind would have been on the diamond, at Short Stop, or at-bat wondering how the game is progressing.

So, while waiting for Professor P. to show up, I sat and read through my study guide, checked email on my phone, sent an email to Professor P. from my phone, called and left Professor P. a voice message, walked around, checked out all the many "Books for Sale" on the congested overcrowded bulletin boards, walked through the hallways and peeked into the classrooms, and took pictures (what else?) of the empty hallway, lighting fixtures and railings. Finally, I bothered the department secretary (or to be politically correct...the "office manager") to see if perhaps they could call Professor P., and sure enough, we had crossed information. She thought Thursday but wrote Wednesday. So, to make a long story short, I will be taking a rescheduled specially arranged Mid-Term at a later date and time.

To be continued later.


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