Thursday, July 27, 2006

Miss Me

So I heard from Aaron. He's in Vegas remember? I got the brag-report on Monday. They have a suite at the New York New York hotel somewhere on one of the top floors, I'm sure. I was told they have a "mini-pool" - that's kid-talk for "jacuzzi". There are two KING SIZE beds of which Aaron and his cousin Joseph (he's two years old remember?) occupy.

They've gone swimming, eating, visiting friends of my sister-in-law; and today they've gone to Circus Circus where Aaron tells me they played in the arcades and he made out like a bandit and won a few stuffed animals: lion and tigers and bears, oh my!

So, ultimately I asked him if he misses me and he says YES. I asked him if he's ready to come home and he says NO. Of course not! What was I thinking?


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