Tuesday, May 23, 2006

We Don't Watch TV...

...We watch all sports channels. There's a difference. Honestly, there's not one TV in this house that isn't on a sports channel (or at the very most, for the non-avid-sports population in this househould, the Disney channel or Cartoon Network). I can't tell you what a regular TV show or even what a mainstream news station looks like (except maybe NCIS! Ha...did you like that shameless plug Burt?). I kid you not - 24/7 sports is always on in my house! Do I dare tell you that Steve falls asleep with the remote control in his hand? And of course, there's a sports program showing. But don't try and sneak in to shut off the TV. The minute the TV goes off, his sleepy-eyed highness wakes up and says, "I was watching that!" Yeah right. In your dreams, maybe (literally). One night I attempted to turn off the TV but realized that Sleeping Beauty was laying right on top of the remote controls. How ever in the world am I going to get those now? And wouldn't you know it, I resorted to manually shutting it off; and just when I thought "mission accomplished", dude wakes up and delivers his infamous line, "I was watching that!". I can't win.


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