Thursday, June 01, 2006

My School - Cypress College

I thought I would share some pictures of Cypress College since it's gone through a makeover. I remember when the area where the Libary, Learning & Resource Center (LLRC) is located now was nothing but dirt and an open field. It is still going through a few more phases. This is a view from inside the learning center - computers and study area. The small sign says, "No cell phone use". I tried to get a better picture of it but feared that I would get caught using my cell phone. My defense would have been, "I'm not using my CELL phone...I'm using my CAMERA!"

The architecture of the LLRC is quite beautiful. Here are several views of its exterior:

The LLRC is adjacent to the man-made pond. It's become a popular gathering spot for reading, meditating and talking loudly on your cell phone. The irony.


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