Friday, March 31, 2006

Hawaiian babies

I have these little dolls on my desk at work. When I see them I am reminded of the question people ask most often: "Are you Hawaiian?" I've been asked this all my life. After the kids were born people would not only ask if I am Hawaiian but they would ask that of the children. I guess I can see how they could mistake them for Hawaiian when after all they are nicely tanned! One summer the kids even took Tahitian and Polynesian dancing where they appeared in a couple of luaus and shows. It was pretty cool. I like to say that we are "of the Pacific Islander decent".

Man! I need a better camera phone. This picture doesn't do it justice!!!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

What Do They Really Think?

I found myself at a Subway restaurant tonight browsing the menu trying to decide what to get. I knew I should eat but wasn't too hungry. That's beside the point. I did what many millions of people do while ordering: I called home to see if anyone wanted anything. WRONG THING TO DO! Not only do I now have to wait while the phone is passed around at home, but now I must deal with the rolling eyes from the employees and the glaring stares from those famished customers behind me. What ever in the world did I do that for? Twenty-minutes later I storm out of there with, not one, not two, but 5 bags of sandwiches, chips (all combos, of course) and a half-dozen soft drinks. I've suddenly lost my appetite for sandwiches. Hey, there's a Del Taco across the street. Yum! A taco sounds good right about now. I wonder if anyone at home...OH GOSH! I'm a creature of habit!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Earth Angel

Well, close but no cigar! The morning after rain fall before you go stomping out the squishy slimy earth worms littered all over the sidewalks, walkways, and parking lots, or kick 'em across the street, think about this for a minute. They serve a purpose. They really do. They are great for the environment: 1. They help with toxic waste 2. They are the best fertilizers for your lawn 3. They don’t bite or sting you with poisonous venoms 4. Who wants to be a millionaire? Well, maybe not quite a millionaire but certainly close.

I kid you not! Worms could make you some serious bucks! I suddenly feel like having sour gummy worms now.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bermuda Man

Saturday we were “People Watching” again. Often times, humor finds us as we sit minding our own. We were at Christopher’s baseball game and during a pitcher change in the middle of one of the innings, we spotted “Bermuda Man” – on the opposite field. He was decked out in (what else?) black Bermuda shorts, what appeared to be a retro vintage Member’s Only jacket, black tourist socks and black Kangaroo Shoes. A Queer Eye designer nightmare! Clearly a sign “Bermuda Man” was stuck in the eighties. As a backdrop to a sea of youth baseball players, a baseball diamond with marshmallow pillows at each corner for bases, a chocolate layered infield decorated with bystanders all around undoubtedly present to enjoy an afternoon cheering for their child and their child’s team, “Bermuda Man” stood out like a sore thumb; worst…a “tourist”. For a minute there, I forgot we were there to watch a baseball game. “Bermuda Man” monopolized a good 15 minutes of our precious time as we tried to figure out, “Whose dad is that?” Note to self: Remember to burn any retro garb in my wardrobe that resembles a badly dressed tourist.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


I know it's not Thanksgiving but I must give thanks for the many blessings we have:

  1. God...for everything!
  2. A wonderful and beautiful family
  3. A true partnership with my husband
  4. My parents for putting up with so much
  5. My brother and his wife for always being there to help out
  6. My children - who teach me everyday about the meaning of life
  7. A great circle of loyal friends. Thank you Mustangs & A's
  8. My fellow Future Educators Club Officers - Nicole, Sara, Christina, Bryan & Dennis (faculty and program advisors)
  9. To those who have inspired, encouraged and supported my drive, my passion, and my ability to continue (return to) higher education and to become the best that I can be

It's like the academy awards...if I'm missing anyone, please forgive me.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Temper Tantrum Is Over

For a while there, I was about to give it all up. "I'm so done with school," I thought. I was so sure that my English professor was out to get me. My major is Music Education and my minor is English. I was hating life there for 9 straight weeks. I have to say that she has certainly challenged and pushed me as far as I could, but I had to step out of the situation to see it for what it was. She was only pushing me to see my potential and to therefore become a better writer. I suppose it worked. I am elated to be done with the class - FINALLY. I took my final this week (the results have yet to arrive, maybe then my attitude will either remain or it will take a complete 180 degrees turn). Who knows. I suppose we'll have to wait and see. The good news is:
  1. I get to see my family now at night
  2. I won't have to stay up until 3:00 AM writing papers anymore
  3. I can clean my house!!!
  4. I can do laundry
Cooking will still have to wait until after the semester. Sorry's take-out from now until the end of May!

Steamboat Springs, CO - Our Families

The Siblings Club The Mustangs Family The Riveras and the Stewarts on the meadow

Steamboat Springs, CO - Fish Creek Falls

On the way up to the waterfall Steve on the rocks Christopher having fun The kids on the trail to Fish Creek Us in front of the waterfall The beautiful waterfall

Steamboat Springs, CO - Diary of Our Trip - Our Cabin Experience

Steve and Christopher outside our cabin Our view of the reservoir Our cabin nestled in the woods A view of the kitchen from the top floor A view from the upstairs bedroom One of the bedrooms The living room

Exploring the Wilderness

On our way up to Fish Creek Falls, Steamboat Springs, CO.

Steamboat Springs, CO - Diary of Our Trip

On our way to Colorado we stopped off in Las Vegas. Here's Elysse wandering the hallway at our hotel.

Us at Disneyland

If you know our family, you'd know that we are huge Disney fans. This was taken outside of Disney's California Adventure.

Pet Peeve to Awkward Silence

Pet Peeves:

We all have them. Something that just makes us ticked. If there's nothing worse than getting a wrong phone number call, it's arguing with the caller. Listen, you called me remember? I'm telling you there is no Abernathy here. Don't get snippy with me mister. The very fact that I'm spending more than 30 seconds now on the phone explaining that I am not Abernathy or Abernathy's niece, wife or sister...Abernathy isn't here. And NO...I don't have his new number! And yet another pet peeve is getting those fax machine phone calls. It irritates me to no end that you cannot yell back at the caller. Who will listen? That ear-piercing high decibal annoying BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...BEEP. Here's something. How many of us have experienced those short and sometimes endless bouts of awkward silence? In an elevator is the worst. Or how about in a public restroom where you thought you had the porcelain throne to yourself and someone comes in the next stall. I sometimes even find myself holding my breath wondering if they can tell by my shoes who's in here. You gotta breathe sometime. Shoot...when are they going away? Another awkward silence moment is at the eye doctor when they have some apparatus tool in their hand and they tell you to look at one end of the room; some corner you already can't make out because you're blind as a bat and that's why you're there in the first place. So, while they shine this blinding bright light in your eye, you are about 2 inches away from the doctor. God! Do you breathe or what? God-forbid, don't exhale. Quick, what did I eat for lunch?

Darn jalapenos. Don't hold your breath too might gag and that will be the end of that.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Rivera Kids

The Rivera Kids

A Cleaner America (my trip to the gas station)

The other day while getting gas, I happened upon some guy with a spray bottle. Oh man! Pretend you don’t see him, I thought. Where’s my cell phone? At least I can act like I’m busy. Too late! His opening pitch was already a strike against him. “Hey, howya doin’ Ma’am?” Ma’am? Do I look like a Ma’am? Oh brother. “You look like you could use a car wash?” he said. Only because I drive my Mom’s jalopy doesn’t mean I look like I could use a car wash? Wait, is it because he felt sorry that I was driving my Mom’s rust-on-wheels? Or did he really think I looked like I could use a car wash? The one time I didn’t have my cell phone hanging from my ear this happens. He goes on with his script about how the ingredients in his spray bottle was the breakthrough America was looking for in cleaning your windows, your car, your tires, your rims, even your kitchen sink and how I shouldn’t miss out. Dude, I’m glad that you hold the formula to a cleaner America in your trusty little spray bottle. I did everything I could to hold back the urge to fling my hand to my forehead to display the “L” sign. “No, thank you,” I said politely – interrupting his well-rehearsed dialogue. Dude, maybe you ought to take off that Exxon-logo polo shirt. People might think you actually work there.

X Marx the Spot

It was a typical evening at the Riveras. I sat down at the kitchen table getting ready to grade the kids' homework. I came across Christopher's homework. Oh cool! He's learning about the discovery of the polio vaccine. In 1953 Dr. Jonas Salk was said to have found a cure for polio. Then in 1960 Dr. Albert Sabin perfected and made it stronger. What a great piece of history here! Then there were multiple choice questions and answers. This should be easy. Question #3: Who invented the first cure for polio? A. Sabin B. the Marx Brothers C. Salk Christopher's answer: B - the Marx Brothers. And you thought the Marx Brothers were only good for laughs. GASP!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Girl Jumps Through Baskbetball Hoop

Because someone thought of it, you've got to see this.

The "Aaron" of his ways

Okay, it was bound to happen, I'm sure. But for some reason I expected it from one of the girls. Well that's not entirely true. After all, Elysse did get gum entangled in her hair despite my repeated warnings. Aaron decided to trim his hair yesterday. I blamed his homework for this! You see, he sat at the kitchen table minding his own business and working diligently on his homework. And to prove his intense focus on his work, he placed his left hand on his forehead pushing his hair backwards. I didn't see what transpired from this (but I can only imagine) because I had to leave to take Christopher to batting practice. Later when I returned home from school, Steve called Aaron and told me to look at him carefully. He smiled a sheepish smile and just as his pearly whites appeared with the slight gap between his two front teeth, his front hair line separated. His bangs (or what's left of them) were "smiling" at me with a "what-the-heck?-Talk-to-your-son-will-ya" look. What could I do but laugh. I asked him "What in the world?" He replied... "Wha? It was sticking out." Lesson learned: Hide the scissors. Either that...wear a beanie while doing homework.

Monday, March 20, 2006

This week...

Well, in case you are able to make any of thes games, I thought I would post this week's game for Christopher (LEGEND: LL team - the A's; and TB team - the Mustangs): 3/21/06 LL A's vs. the Red Sox @ 4:30 PM Buena Park American Little League Field 3/25/06 LL A's vs. the Dodgers @ 11:00 AM La Palma Continental Field 3/26/06 TB Mustangs vs. the Blue Wave @ 11:45 AM Harvard Park #4 If you're interested give me a call. See ya!

Found Magazine

An acquaintance of mine (thanks, Nicole) introduced me to this odd but interesting web site and the philosophy behind this magazine is: "We collect FOUND stuff: love letters, birthday cards, kids' homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, telephone bills, doodles - anything that gives a glimpse into someone else's life. Anything goes..." They feature new found items once a day. Take a look at a recent post called Because I Hired a Kid to atch After You. Creepy.


Dearest Family & Friends, I have always wanted to have a Family Web page that will allow me and my dearest family and friends to keep in touch. In very recent events, we have come to realize and therefore cherish the very words FAMILY & FRIENDS. I cannot begin to tell you how much I regret not making more time to spend with each of you in the past and I can only hope and pray for better communication going forward. For those of you who know me, I LOVE to sing and perform. Any chance I have I will do just that. I especially love to sing PRAISE and WORSHIP songs because they are what enables me to express myself freely. My love for God and my family is infinite. And for those of you who do not know me, in addition to singing and performing, I LOVE to write. I have been known and labeled by many as a "chatter box". Sorry, what can I say? It's what I love to do best. Please bookmark this page for easier access and please stop by and visit as often as you would like. I hope to have long "conversations" with you in the near future. My inspiration of late is a gal I don't even know but have only met through a co-worker who has recently retired. (Stay with me may get a little cofusing). His daughter is a lawyer, who also is a a writer and founder of a writing blog online. She has some of the FUNNIEST and INTERESTING things posted or written I have ever read. While although I don't expect my blog to hold a candle to hers, I do hope to make a valiant efforts in providing an open forum allowing you to read & reply as often as you would like (or...humor me at least, please? Por favor?). I told you, I love to write!!!!